AU-Q-MIA Pet Salon

 Add-on Extra Services.

* All services must follow by LUX Bath or VIP  Haircut.

  • $15 Furminator (fleas & ticks) +$5 for each tick removed

  • $15 Anal Glands Released 

  • $15 Muzzle Shaved**

  • $20 Feet/Boots Shaved**

  • $20 Ears Clean (severe dirty)**

  • $40 De-shedding**

  • $15 up 40* Relief itch shampoo**

  • $50 Deep Hydration Hair 15'**

  • $50 Severe shaved**

*Amount will be added on service if need or requested.

$50 De-matted* 30 Minutes session.

**Only for some spot tangled

**If several mated will be shaved, see FAQ.

$50 up to $300 Severe Deshedding

*Added on regular service(long time without grooming.


$50 Nails trim/dremel "only".

* Visit only for nails done, do not need to follow any other service but the appt must be done by txt to bet our route. Ask us availability. Text to 415-996-4349 to book


*All prices are based on individual dog's sizes, the wrong size will be updated on time, check how to measure your dog in our chart and classify size as in.


**Dogs long time without grooming will be checked and priced on time, according to the coat condition.

Senior Pet:

We're not taking Senior Pets for +12 years as new customers as we are mobile.

We do not take pets with Pre-existent exposure* * health conditions.