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Price List - Mobile

Here you can check out our prices for all services. 

Please note that the prices for dog services may vary based on the size of the dog!

Note: Not sure how to measure your puppy? You can refer to our

Dog Measurement Chart.



SMALL                         $95

​(UP to 12in length)

MEDIUM                      $115

​(13in to 16in length) 

LARGE                       $145

(17in to 20in length)

X LARGE                    $165

​(21in to 28in length)

XX LARGE                 $185

(+28in length)

GIANT + 90LB             $210

Dog Services


SMALL                          $130

(UP to 12in length) 

MEDIUM                      $150

(13in to 16in length)

​LARGE                          $175

​(17in to 20in length)

X LARGE                   $195

​(21in to 28in length)

XX LARGE                   $210

​(+28in length)

GIANT  +90LB             $260




SMALL                         $85
(UP to 12in length)

MEDIUM                      $100

(13in to 16in length)

LARGE                          $120

(17in to 20in length)  
X LARGE                      $145
(21in to 28in length) 

XX-LARGE               $160

(+28in length)


Add-On Services

We're excited to offer these additional touches at our pet salon, specially tailored to complement specific services. 

Please note that all add-ons must accompany a LUX Bath or VIP Haircut

$15 Anal Glands Released** (only add in the Basic bath if needed)
$20 Ears Clean (severely dirty)**
$20 Furminator (fleas & ticks) + $5 for each tick removed
$20 Muzzle Shaved**
$20 up 30* Relief itch shampoo**
$30 Deep Hydration Hair 10'**
$30 Feet/Boots Shaved**
$45 De-shedding** 20' session (if severe need to be discussed)
$55 Severe tangled shaved** overdue-groom​   


**If several matted will be shaved, see FAQ.


Cat Services

BATH                                                $160

BATH & HAIRCUT                           $180

BATH & DE-SHEDDING                 $180


DE-SHEDDING (NO BATH)            $150


& HAIRCUT                                      $200


SHAVED HAIRCUT                          $250


Brush Out Hair (session only) -


Starting at $100*

Nail Trim Only
Dog Nails (Only)
Cut/Dremel*          $55

Cat Nails (Only)
Only Nails Done*   $55

Skunk Off Treatment*

Any size -
Starting at $ 320

* Appointments for Brush Out and/or Nail Trimming must bet our route. 


All prices are based on each dog's size, length, breed, and are intended for starting reference. Prices may change based on coat condition, overall grooming difficulty, and if it has been a long time since the dog was professionally groomed.

Check our chart to measure your dog and classify its size accordingly.

Fancy, stylized, and fluffy haircuts are more expensive due to the additional time required for the stylist to groom the dog.

For all breeds with hair longer than 1.5 inches, an additional $20 may be added to the base price.

Grooming matted and hard-to-handle dogs takes longer and incurs extra costs.

Note: the price does not include a de-matting session or severe shave. If a pet requires a de-matting/shaving session to complete the grooming and the customer refuses this service, we cannot proceed with a basic bath as the final service won't be done properly.

We encourage everyone to maintain a regular grooming schedule of at least every 2-4 weeks to reduce costs and make your pet’s grooming experience more enjoyable.

Please refer to the approximate basic price list.


Keep in mind that prices are estimates, subject to change, and are determined according to the individual situation and needs.

Senior Pet

As a mobile service, we do not accept Senior Pets over 12 years old without prior discussion.

We do not accept pets with pre-existing health conditions.

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