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About Us

AU-Q-MIA Pet Salon, your premier destination for licensed and insured mobile pet grooming services. Born out of a love for pets and a commitment to exceptional care, we've been setting the standard for grooming excellence in the Peninsula Bay Area since 2019. At AU-Q-MIA, we don't just groom your pets; we pamper them curbside with the utmost safety and love.


Our Story

AU-Q-MIA Pet Salon was born in 2009 out of necessity. Our founder, a proud parent to two Shih-Tzus and four Golden Retrievers, struggled to find a grooming service where the founder felt confident in leaving the pets. Challenged by that, the founder channeled their passion for pets into establishing a grooming salon they could trust. This dream turned into a reality with the support of their partners after completing a professional Grooming course, setting the foundation for what AU-Q-MIA Pet Salon is today.



To be recognized as the foremost authority in Mobile Dog Grooming services, promoting the well-being and health of pets while establishing a warm and joyful environment for both pets and their owners.


We aim to be a space where transparency, joy, and vitality come together to offer the highest quality of care and attention to our furry clients.


We're dedicated to Dog Grooming Services that go beyond aesthetics, promoting care, love, and dedication for each pet. Our goal is a genuine connection with pets through trained professionals and a cheerful environment.


We also aim to foster mutual understanding and respect between animals and their guardians to contribute to a healthy, lasting relationships.

Our Values

& Dedication

We work with passion and care, always putting the well-being and happiness of animals first.

& Vitality

We create a lively, welcoming, fresh, clean, and hygienic environment where pets can enjoy a positive experience.

Transparency & Loyalty

We prioritize honesty and trust in all our interactions, always striving to act with transparency and integrity.

Intuitive Communication

We value the ability to connect with animals intuitively, promoting authentic and respectful communication.

Quality & Excellence

We are committed to providing high-quality services, ensuring customer satisfaction and exceptional care for animals.

Respect & Understanding

We seek strong connections between owners and pets, emphasizing mutual understanding and respect for each animal's needs.

Innovation & Growth

The journey didn't stop there. Our founder, equipped with a well-crafted business plan, took the bold step of transforming the salon into a mobile service, bringing top-notch grooming to your curbside in the Peninsula Bay Area. This innovative approach not only showcased her business acumen but also her dedication as a pet therapist, helping ease pet anxiety.


As an AKC Groomer Safety Salon member, we at AU-Q-MIA Pet Salon uphold the highest standards of pet health, safety, and well-being. Our team is rigorously trained, completing the AKC Groomer Education to ensure your pets receive the best care possible. For over 13 years, our passion for pets and dedication to excellence have been the driving forces behind our success, evident in the trust and loyalty of our clients.

Commitment to Excellence

Join Our Family!

We understand that your pets are family, and that's why we treat them with the utmost love and care. Our use of safe, irritation-free shampoo products guarantees a comfortable grooming experience for both dogs and cats. Our journey is a proof of our unwavering commitment to quality and the special bond we share with pets.

Follow us at our social media channels to get to know a bit more of our daily activities, how we work, and some tips from pet lovers to pet lovers!

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