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Booking Appointments

Mobile Service Notice

Due to potential traffic conditions and service updates, we may experience delays of up to 1 hour. We will notify you of any changes. Please reserve approximately 4 hours in your schedule to accommodate this.

Attention: Prices vary based on the individual dog's size, coat condition, and the overall difficulty of grooming, especially if the dog hasn't been professionally groomed for a long time. If the service needs updating or if you've scheduled the wrong size, the price will be adjusted according to our size table.

In cases where the groomer decides to discontinue the grooming process for any reason, the client agrees to pay all charges. This decision is based on various factors beyond our control. We reserve the right to refuse service if we notice that the pet is sick, aggressive, or poses any other risk.

Extra Fees for Special Care
  • Dematting session (30 minutes). Note: We do not demat our senior pets.

  • Deshedding.

  • Severe matting/shave-down. We suggest avoiding this with regular grooming and brushing out the coat 3 times a week to prevent severe matting.

We recommend standard grooming every 2-6 weeks.

Cancellation & Rescheduling 

For all traveling appointments, a minimum non-refundable visit fee of $100 is required for services not rendered.

  • Cancellation 48 hours before: Free.

  • Cancellation 24 to 12 hours before: $50 fee.

  • Cancellation less than 12 hours or if you fail to meet the groomer curbside within 15 minutes of their arrival: $100 fee.

  • No-show or stopping the session: Full charge.

To avoid fees or any inconvenience, please ensure you agree with and follow these guidelines.

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