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Loyalty Program: Exclusive Benefits for Our Loyal Customers

Introducing our Loyalty Program at AU-Q-MIA!

We're excited to express our gratitude to our loyal customers, the core of our business. Your ongoing support in keeping your pet(s) groomed has inspired us to create a program dedicated to recognizing and rewarding your commitment. Learn more about the exclusive benefits and perks that come with being part of our valued community!

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The Importance of Regular Grooming

Regular grooming is essential for the overall well-being and health of your pets. It goes beyond simply trimming their fur – it means keeping them in good shape, clean, and fresh, just like maintenance for any cherished family member. Our loyal clients understand this, which is why they schedule weekly, biweekly, and even three-week grooming appointments to ensure their pets receive the care they deserve.

Exclusive Benefits
for Our Loyal Clients

As a token of our appreciation for our loyal clients, we offer exclusive benefits to those who schedule regular grooming appointments. These benefits include:

Weekly & Biweekly Grooming

Deep Conditioner Hydration (Value $30): We prioritize your pet's coat, providing deep conditioner hydration in all services for loyal clients, ensuring knot-free and tangle-free fur between grooming sessions.

Furminator Flea Treatment (Value $15): If we detect fleas during the grooming session, we provide a specialized furminator flea treatment to ensure your pet remains free from these pests.     


Medicated Shampoo (Value $20): For pets with dry or irritated skin, we offer a medicated shampoo treatment to promote skin health and comfort.     


Knots Removal (Value $25): Our specialized knot removal service ensures that your pet's coat remains free from tangles and discomfort.

3-Week Grooming

  Additional Deep Conditioner Hydration: For our clients who schedule grooming sessions every three weeks, we provide an extra deep conditioner hydration treatment to maintain the health and luster of their pet's coat. 


Monthly Grooming [After 4 Weeks]

No free add-on: Importance of Regular Grooming: After four weeks, it is essential to schedule a normal grooming session to keep your pet healthy and maintain their overall well-being.

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